How To Look Fashionable in Winter

Long Sleeve Sweater Dress For Winter

How To Look Fashionable in Winter

Winter is the season when what you want and need to look good and nice. Winter is synonymous with the cold, holidays and Christmas, but winter always gives a distinct impression on your appearance. Health is at the top of fashion of course but you can look elegant in any weather if you know how to choose and combine clothes. You get dressed and warm at the same time!

Here are 5 tips for you to use when choosing your winter clothes:

Tip 1: Choose warm clothing for the upper body

Long Sleeve Sweater Dress For Winter
Long Sleeve Sweater Dress For Winter – (c)millionlooks


To keep warm you need to choose a good item to dress your upper. Find a top with long sleeves that narrow to the wrist. It could be a silk blouse or other thin materials. Do not wear tops with wide wrist area even if they are a trendy top. The main thing is to choose the right fabrics and lengths to avoid looking fat.

Tip 2: Wear warm lingerie

Do not sacrifice your femininity to cold. It’s possible to find lingerie outfit but warm. You can still use the lingerie in the winter but that needs to be considered is the lingerie that you choose should keep your body temperature warm. So health is maintained during the winter.

Tip 3: Keep your feet warm

High Boots and Skirts for Winter
High Boots and Skirts for Winter

If you wear stockings to wear thin pants underneath. Best fabric for winter woolen trousers. And pants should be tight. If you prefer skirts, choose warm stockings. And of course the longer skirt that warm you feel. Forget wide skirt down. Straight is the best design.

No matter what you choose, pants or skirt, you should wear a nice pair of tall boots to protect your feet and ankles from the cold. Choose the same color high boots with skirts or trousers.

Tip 4: Choose the right coat

Trench Coat Jacket for Winter
Trench Coat Jacket for Winter – (c)victoriasecret

A coat or jacket should be of high quality and warm. The length determines your whole look. Choose a jacket that fits you well and flatters your figure. Choose the design that extend your silhouette rather than the short or you can choose a vintage coat.

To select smart for that down coat knee or slightly higher. Trapeze-shaped coat, short and loose look more casual than smart. Your anorak or coat color depending on the color of your clothes. Everything must go in harmony.

Tip 5. Keep your head warm

Fur Headband for Winter Fashion
Fur Headband for Winter Fashion

Headband, hat, handkerchief, beret or the other, so many kinds of headwear at the moment and you can easily find something that you can flatter. Just do not let your head to get cold.To remain elegant do not forget about makeup. Accentuate your lips. And caring for your hair, it should look good.



All of these tips will make your winter look more stylish. And do not forget about the smile when you choose your clothes. Then you will make better choices. Good luck!

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